MRWS 41st Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition now planned for May 19-21, 2021

And the winner is……….

July 15th would have been the day that the Rescheduled MRWS Conference would have gotten under way.  As tradition follows for the MRWS Conference, we would have announced the recipients of our excellence awards at tonight’s evening banquet.

As the CoVid-19 Pandemic has caused many events to be cancelled, MRWS knows that this Pandemic cannot cancel the great efforts of those that work in Montana’s water environment each and every day!  So, today, we would like to announce and celebrate this year’s recipients of the MRWS Excellence Awards.

  • Water Operator Achievement Award – Mike Nieskens, Dry Prairie Rural Water
  • Wastewater Operator Achievement Award – Drue Newfield, City of Havre
  • Manager Achievement Award – Kris Novotny, City of Big Timber
  • Clerk Achievement Award – Beth Dotson, Lakeside County Water and Sewer District
  • Extra Mile Award – Jon Cuthbertson, Montana Environmental Lab, Kalispell

Make plans to join us in person to honor and celebrate each of this year’s winners at the next MRWS conference in Great Falls, May 19-21, 2021

MRWS Board Elections:

There are three positions open this year, each for a three (3) year term.  The following are running for the open positions:


The MRWS Board is given an annual operating budget.

2021’s Budget

NRWA’s WaterPro Conference

Water Pro Conference

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