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Why Belong?

How many times have you been asked to join an association or asked why do you belong to an association, or “what can an association do for me?”

Theodore Roosevelt put it very aptly when he said:

“Every man owes a part of his time and money to the business of industry to which he is engaged. No man has the moral right to withhold his support from an organization that is striving to improve conditions within his sphere.”

Since it costs money to belong to an association, it is logical to ask, “What can an association do for me?”

You will find the answer to this question listed under System Benefits. But before you read that section, remember there are certain functions and services that an association acting in concert with its membership can perform, but to be successful in its efforts, the association requires the physical support and involvement of its members. It needs the collective thinking of all concerned to formulate plans, and it requires the physical effort of its membership to put those plans into action.

But there is more than that to association benefits. One which is a pure bonus, is the benefit of knowledge coming one’s way because of membership. Given equal cost and service, association members just naturally prefer to do business with those who share the load of maintaining their operation. Many have found this “fringe benefit” will more than offset dues and other costs of participation.

What We Are Not

Montana Rural Water Systems, Inc. is an association of water and wastewater systems within the State of Montana. We are not connected with the State agencies. We do, however, work with the Montana Department of Environmental Quality, local Health Districts, USDA/Rural Development, EPA, and any other agency that can provide help to our small member systems.

We are not controllers of your system! We want to help you control it.

System Benefits

  • All water and wastewater systems of any size are eligible to join
  • Voting rights for all water and wastewater systems
  • On-site, technical assistance (no charge) for water and wastewater. (We visit systems all year 'round)
  • At least 15 training sessions annually (no charge) plus an annual technical conference
  • Lending library (books, articles, videos, and slide presentations) and equipment
  • Publications - Tri-Annual newsletter, national magazine, technical advisories, and SDWA/CWA updates
  • Member discount on annual technical conference and exhibition show held in Great Falls
  • Retirement programs
  • Liability and Directors’ and Officiers’ Insurance
  • Regulatory input before a new SDWA or CWA regulation is adopted
  • Legislative input in Helena and Washington D.C.
  • National events - NRWA annual conference, Rural Water Rally
  • Industrial Professionalism
  • Help to improve the quality of life

2020 Membership Dues

Membership Type Annual Dues
Individual $50
Transient $50
Non-Transient $75
1-49 Service Connections $150
50-149 Service Connections $200
150-299 Service Connections $250
300-499 Service Connections $300
500+ Service Connections $350

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