MRWS Executive Board

Position Name Association Region
NRWA Director Allen Kelm Miles City #3
President Kevin Durocher Cascade #4
Vice President John Demarais Malta #2
Secretary Greg Anderson Sidney #2
Treasurer Julie Spencer Bigfork County W/S District #9

Board Members

Position Name Association Region
Director Vince Chappell Seeley Lake #8
Director Tim Rauser Townsend #6
Director Joe Voss Cascade #4
Director Bud Gillin Pablo #9
About Montana Rural Water System’s Board

Montana Rural Water System, Inc. is guided by a board of nine members.  As illustrated above, there are five officer positions and four director positions.  Each position is a three year term, elected in alternative years.  This means that every year there are three positions up for election.  The Board itself decides who the officers will be from year to year.  The Board is given an annual budget to function on as well and is given training from National Rural Water Association so they can function as an active and knowledgeable entity.

If you’d like to run for the MRWS Board, here are the application and directions for applying.


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