The dues for associate membership are $300.

Yes it does. The following is the rate structure:

  • $ 50 = Individual
  • $ 50 = Transient Systems
  • $ 75 = Non-Transient Systems
  • $150 = 0-49 Service Connections
  • $200= 50-149 Service Connections
  • $250 = 150-299 Service Connections
  • $300= 300-499 Service Connections
  • $350= 500+ Service Connections

For questions related to water or wastewater, please send a message through the form our Contact page which will connect you via email to our specialist on the subject in question.

Refer to specific State Government offices in Helena which provide sufficient contact information.

We have two people who have been trained and certified in security awareness to assist systems with this need: Nick Clos and Dan Kramer. We also have cd’s at the main office.

Material and instructions are provided by main office.

  1. Vista DOES NOT unzip the archive: this is a known Vista problem with large archives downloaded from the Internet. Solution:
    • Use 3rd party unzip utility like WinZIP to uncompress the archive (e.g. visit http://www.download.com and search for “free zip”)
  2. After double clicking cupss_install.exe: “An unidentified program wants access to your computer” (cupss_install.exe) message is displayed. Solution:
    • Click Allow
  3. CUPSS MUST be run as an administrator type user, otherwise it won’t have the privileges to write to its own folder when installed in the “Program Files” folder. Solution:
    • Right click on the created CUPSS shortcut
    • Click Run as Administrator
    • “An unidentified program wants access to your computer” (cupss.exe) message is displayed
    • Click Allow
  4. After launching CUPSS, the windows firewall blocks mysql and “Windows Firewall has blocked some features of this program” (mysqld-nt.exe) message is displayed. Solution:
    • Click Unblock
    • “Windows needs your permission to continue” message is displayed
    • Click Continue

Quality On Tap!

Quality On Tap is a nationwide, grassroots public relations and awareness campaign designed especially for the drinking water industry. The framework for the campaign was created by water professionals who understand the need for better community support for their systems.

Quality On Tap

What these people have in common is an intense desire to see that America’s public water systems continue to provide the highest quality drinking water possible. Second only to that is the desire that people know about their hard work. That’s what fuels this campaign.

Quality On Tap is the first practical “hands-on” guide to better public relations for small water utilities. It contains the tools small water systems need to do the most important job of all – spreading the truth to the public of the quality of work they do and the quality water they produce. As communities nationwide use the “Quality On Tap” logo and materials to promote their own quality water, they are also promoting YOUR quality water and the quality water of each system that participates in this campaign. Every time a person sees the QOT logo or materials they are being assured that the community they’re in is providing Quality On Tap to their customers. Whether it’s seen in California or Maine, Montana or Texas, the public will come to know that Rural Water in America is “Quality On Tap”!

The Quality On Tap logo can be on your water system’s tanks, trucks, shirts, literature, website, and practically anything else.

To learn more about the program visit the National Rural Water’s site.

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