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Wendy received her CPA certificate from Maryland in 1994 and has been licensed ever since. She transferred her license to Montana in 1997.

Wendy’s career has taken many turns in the last 20 years. After college graduation from the University of Delaware, she worked for an insurance company in Baltimore, Maryland as their Comptroller. That lasted until 1997 when she moved to Great Falls, Montana. She took an interest in the non-profit world when she moved to Great Falls, and worked for the YWCA/Mercy Home as their comptroller and grant writer from 1998 to 2002. At that point, she started her own business as an independent CPA and currently has 3 employees.

Her specialty has become small businesses and non-profits, having over 400 clients – mostly individuals, small businesses and non-profits. Wendy is very active in the Great Falls community and serves on many boards – mostly as Treasurer.

Wendy also specializes in Quickbooks and has become a Certified Quickbooks Adviser. That allows her to have a certification to train clients on Quickbooks. During her non-tax season, she teaches Quickbooks classes and has one-on-one sessions with clients to show them how to best utilize Quickbooks to meet their needs.

For the last few years, Wendy has been traveling the state of Montana teaching Quickbooks classes and working with Quickbooks users one on one to show them how to use Quickbooks to further their business.  Since COVID a lot of these sessions can be done remotely so Quickbooks clients all over the world can be helped if we can figure out a time that isn’t the middle of the night for one of us.

Wendy’s second degree from the University of Delaware is in music – specifically clarinet. She plays in volunteer bands throughout Great Falls.

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Wendy Weissman



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