Author name: John Camden

John holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business (Marketing option) from Montana State University – Bozeman, MT. John was the Compliance Section Supervisor for the Montana Department of Environmental Quality – Public Water & Subdivisions Bureau and has over 30 years experience in "drinking water". He managed 8 FTEs in the Helena office and oversaw the drinking water regulations, sanitary surveys, and the program’s database for the Public Water Supply Section. Those duties in Homeland Security, Surface Water Treatment rule, Ground Water Under the Direct Influence program, D/DBPs, CCR rule, Phase II/V Chemical rule, Total Coliform rule, Nitrate and Arsenic rule, Radionuclides rules, sanitary surveys, and operator training. John has held a class 1AB Water Distribution and Treatment license (highest level) from the State of Montana since 1978. He worked for the City of Helena Water Department from 1978 through 1992 and was responsible for operating the Ten Mile and Missouri River water treatment facilities. Those duties included plant operation, records for the state, O & M of the plant, pump station and storage tank O & M, collecting water samples, and handling customer complaints. Other duties included managing the Ten Mile watershed, reservoirs, and head gates. He was also involved in two major water plant construction projects located in Helena and was involved in the plants design, construction and on-site start up of the water treatment facilities. John is the past national director of the Montana Section of AWWA.

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