Author name: Bobbie Shular

Bobbie began her career in water while serving in the United States Air Force as a BioEnvironmental Engineer. She was responsible for collecting the weekly water samples and performing e.coli testing on them. She also monitored the chlorine levels in the base pools and collected samples from test wells for chemical analysis. Upon receiving an honorable discharge she attended college at MSU Northern and received an Associates Degree in General science and Environmental Protection after completing the requirements for the water/waster water program. Bobbie has 16 years of experience in managing and operating a water and sewer district. She was involved with the successful procurement of funding for an improvement project that was completed in 2012. She oversaw the daily duties of operations and administration. She trained several employees over the years in the basic operation of the district. She was adept at identifying leaks and was instrumental in the district lowering their monthly water loss from a 30% range to less than 10%. Bobbie is committed to helping new operators become proficient in identifying and resolving problems encountered in the day to day operation of their district. Bobbie has always thought the water and waste water operators were the backbone of their communities and is passionate about helping new operators become certified, and helping communities maintain and improve their water and the infrastructure to deliver the water to every home on the system. Feel free to contact Bobbie for any questions you have about your system.

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