Trojan UV 3000 Plus Light System

The City of Livingston, Water Reclamation Facility has for sale a used Trojan UV 3000 Plus system. Used for 10 years, it is still in working order and we would like to see it benefit another wastewater system. It will work well in a smaller facility or would be great for service or parts.  9 extra UV bulbs and 4 extra shields come with system.

 Some key elements of the Trojan UV 3000 Plus:

  • ActiClean Dual-Action, Automatic Cleaning System
  • Chemical/mechanical cleaning system eliminates sleeve fouling
  • Regulatory-Endorsed Bioassay Validation 
  • Real-world testing ensures accurate dose delivery
  • Amalgam Lamps Require Less Energy
  • Require fewer lamps and reduce O&M costs
  • Amalgam Lamps Maintain Maximum UV Output
  • Trojan lamps deliver 98% of full UV output after more than one year of use
  • Open-Channel Architecture Designed for Outdoor Installation
  • Cost-effective to install and expand
  • Advanced, Self-Contained UV Module
  • Dramatically reduces footprint size and eliminates costs of air conditioning
  • Designed for Easy Maintenance

 See pictures of the system: 


 Please contact Russell Smith with questions or to make an offer. He can be reached at 406-224-5022 or”

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