Spanish Peaks Mountain Club


Posted: 8/28/2017

For Sale

6 Stainless Steel 12inch saddle with 2 inch corp retail at 175.00 sell all 6 for $600.00
1 Stainless steel 8 inch saddle with 2 inch corp retail for 155.00 sell for $50.00

Call Scott Palmer at 406 868 1686 – Spanish Peaks Mountain Club

County Water District
of Billings Heights


Posted: 6/2/15

For Sale

Airco 250 ampere ac/dc heli welder model 2.5A/DDR-224-HF-B with cart and all leads for $1500.

Peyton Brookshire, Assistant Manager

Casne and Associates, Inc.


Posted: 6/2/2015

For Sale
Grundfos Pump

The owner is asking $4000.00 for the pump. Interested Parties can call Randi at Casne and Associatiates, Inc. in Helena, 406-443-1656.

More information is in this Word document.

Also available is UltrAsorb-F (ARM 200).
And a Duplex Bag Filter Skid,
Also 230 gallon vertical Polyethylene tank and a Kinetico 2" head valve.

Seeley Lake Water District

Posted: 6/2/2015

For Sale
  • Sensa Phone Express II Alarm System
  • Hach CL 17 Chlorine Analyzer
  • Honeywell DR45311 10" Chart Recorder with Display, 1-Pen
  • Partlow MRC 5000 Series Chart Recorder

More info.

Contact Information:
Vincent Chappell
Po Box 503
Seeley Lake, Mt 59868
(406) 677-2559 or 210-3760

Montana Rural Water Office

Posted: 6/2/2015

For Sale Centrifugal Pump & Pressure Regulation Valve
Both of these items were purchased new and were used 2 hours to provide water to a system while permanent pumps were being changed. They still appear new.
  • An Aermotor "Baldor" 6hp Centrifugal Pump model 5pcm series single stage. Cost over $600. Will sell for $450.

  • A Watts 2 inch 25-75# pressure regulating valve. Factory set at 50# but is adjustable. Cost $442 new and will sell for $325.
For more info call Ray at 406-799-6251 or at Rural Water Office 406-454-1151.



Posted: 6/1/2015

For Sale

One Special Order Goulds Pump 6CHC-9 50 Hp pump end 4.125 Impeller Trim 200 Gallons per minute @ 635 Total Dynamic Head. This pump has never been installed or used.

For additional information and or pricing, Contact .

City of Helena

Posted: 6/1/2015

For Sale

Below is a list of surplus items being offered by the City of Helena. We'd like to advertise these things for 2 weeks and have interested parties make any offers on the equipment. The water items would be sent to Jason Fladland and the wastewater items would be Mark Fitzwater.

The following is a list for Tenmile Water Treatment Facility;

  • (1) Wallace & Tiernan dual 150# digital Scale Model U 23338
  • (1) Wallace & Tiernan dual 150# scale Model Series 50-350
  • (1) Scaletron dual 150# scale Model 2350
  • (1) Fairbanks, Morse & Co dual 1 ton scale Model SP PA-OTHER
  • (1) Hach Turbidity Meter Model Ration/XR
  • (1) Hach Analyzer Model CL-17
  • (1) Hach Low Range Turbidimeter Model 1720B
  • (1) Wallace & Tiernan C12 V-notch Clhlorinator Model V10K
  • (1) Wallace & Tiernan 150# CL2 Switch-over/Shut-off Model AAB 3677
  • (1) Wallace & Tiernan Flow Tube Model S10K
  • (3) CL2 Repair kits Model A
  • (17) Hubble Overhead Lights/400 watt Model BL-A-400-HB
  • (10) Hubble Overhead Lights/400 watt Model MHS-0400H-268
  • (1) Chemix Automatic Chemical Mixer Model DA4

Send offers to Jason Fladland

Town of Froid

Posted: 6/1/2015

For Sale Complete Reverse Osmosis Treatment Plant Package With Ozonation
Equipment list includes:
    Kaye DiaLog Plus (automatic alarm phone dialer)
    Seimens MCC Main Power Lugs (electronic box)
    Allen Bradley Centerline Motor Control Center (electronic box)
    Allen Bradley Supervisory Panel – Model 550 Panelview (controller interface)
    Neptune Tricon SmarTrol
    Grundfos (2) CR pumps
    Stainless Steel Ozaonation Tower (16 x 5 foot upright tank)
    330 gallon chemical tote
    El-o-matic flow control valve
    Keystone flow control valve
    Pacific Ozone scrubber
    Pacific Ozone generator – model Ozo-Gen G-43
    Vessel Systems Inc. Fe filter w/5 Aquamatic valves and Marlo controller Filled with ceramic media
    Air Sep and Oxygen receiver – Model AS-160
    Munters dehumidifier, Cargocaire ISO 9001 w/controls and duct work
    50 gallon chemical tanks (4)
    So-Clean Filter Systems, Bag filter
    Osmonics – Model 54A-HR(PA)72K-Dxl (complete skid w/controls and an extra main pump with 25 hp motor and clean in place tank)
    Grundfos CR 16 pumps (2)
    1200 gallon clear well metal tank
    Rosemount (3), pressure transmitters (2) – Model 1151DP (1)1151GP
    Metering Pumps (5)
    Grundfos CR 8 pump
    Various other valves, meters and all piping not necessary to building functions
    All manuals for above equipment

The price for all things listed is $50,000.00

Contact the Town of Froid – Box 276 – Froid MT 59227 or the Froid Water Plant Call 406-766-2202

Town of Fromberg

Posted: 6/13/2011

For Sale

  • 30 Sensus water meters
    • 5/8 X 3/4 SRII, TRPL, 1000 gal., w/ 6' wire and sensor
  • 50 Sensus MXU 505C
    • Radio read
  • Also have some 6"AC couplers
For additional information and or pricing, call Ray Chapman DPW, at 406- 425- 2400