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Executive Director

Picture of John
John Camden
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John holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business (Marketing option) from Montana State University – Bozeman, MT. John was the Compliance Section Supervisor for the Montana Department of Environmental Quality – Public Water & Subdivisions Bureau and has over 30 years experience in "drinking water". He managed 8 FTEs in the Helena office and oversaw the drinking water regulations, sanitary surveys, and the program’s database for the Public Water Supply Section. Those duties in Homeland Security, Surface Water Treatment rule, Ground Water Under the Direct Influence program, D/DBPs, CCR rule, Phase II/V Chemical rule, Total Coliform rule, Nitrate and Arsenic rule, Radionuclides rules, sanitary surveys, and operator training.

John has held a class 1AB Water Distribution and Treatment license (highest level) from the State of Montana since 1978. He worked for the City of Helena Water Department from 1978 through 1992 and was responsible for operating the Ten Mile and Missouri River water treatment facilities. Those duties included plant operation, records for the state, O & M of the plant, pump station and storage tank O & M, collecting water samples, and handling customer complaints. Other duties included managing the Ten Mile watershed, reservoirs, and head gates.

He was also involved in two major water plant construction projects located in Helena and was involved in the plants design, construction and on-site start up of the water treatment facilities. John is the past national director of the Montana Section of AWWA.

Training Specialist

Picture of Julie
Julie Allen
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Julie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education, majoring in English from Western Montana College and a Master’s degree in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix. She spent 8 years as a certification technician with the Montana Operator Certification Program at MT DEQ where she worked with prospective as well as certified water and wastewater operators across Montana. Julie worked at Moen, Inc in North Carolina as a supervisor in the PVD (physical vapor deposition) department where faucets and other parts were coated before assembly. She also taught English and health and coached the Speech and Drama Team at Fergus High School in Lewistown for 7 years.

Water Circuit Rider

Picture of Nick
Nick Clos
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Nick has over 30 years experience in the Water & Wastewater field with extensive experience and training in water and wastewater treatment, operations, distribution and collection systems, security and construction. He has working knowledge of State and Federal regulations including monitoring and reporting of USEPA and MTDEQ required sampling.

Nick has the ability to establish rates and fees for systems and communities for both capital improvements and operation and maintenance. He has extensive experience in all phases of construction, extensive experience in chlorination equipment (chlorinators, chlorine analyzers, automation equipment), installation of submersible, centrifugal, metering and feed pumps. Award: Wastewater of the Year 2000.

Office Manager

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Tanya Harper
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Tanya is a native of Great Falls and is a graduate of Great Falls High. She attended Kinman Business University in Spokane and received a diploma in data entry and computerized accounting.

Source Water Specialist

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Kristi Kline
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Kristi has over 29 years of experience in water and wastewater treatment which includes overseeing operations and maintenance of the treatment facility, supervision and training of current and new employees in areas in operations, maintenance and safety, management and training of the treatment facility laboratory and she has provided laboratory service for four area treatment facilities.

Kristi's administrative duties include yearly budget preparation, permit regulations, pre-treatment programs and enforcement, general operational functions, review and analysis of designs and specifications of engineered plans in future and current construction projects.

Contact Kristi with any questions related to Wellhead, Source Water Protection.

Water Circuit Rider

Picture of Dan
Dan Kramer
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Dan has over 19 years of experience as a groundwater and wastewater professional and technician for multiple water districts. He helped develop two grant projects, one being a backup well system, and the other being the expansion of a single cell lagoon system to a wetlands treatment system.

Dan has been the co-chair of the Water Wastewater Critical Infrastructure Committee for Number years and received extensive training in security, WMD (weapons of mass destruction) and Risk based assessments for water and Wastewater systems. Dan helps systems to complete VA ERP (Vulnerability and Emergency Response Plans). He also has a certification in Utility Water and Wastewater Management from Water University from National Rural Water Association.

He currently provides support for water and sewer systems be it serves Tribal and non-Tribal systems and he analyzes system problems and helps guide in the formation of water and sewer districts. Dan also helps new operators become certified and/or stay in compliance with state regulations. He has extensive training in electronics, computers and mechanical maintenance and repair.

If you have any questions or need assistance regarding SDWA Regulations, Water and Wastewater Training Requests contact Dan.

Contact Dan for any questions you have related to water rate structuring and the SDWA regulations.

Technical Assistance Provider

Picture of Rory
Rory "Calhoun" Schmidt
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Rory is committed to providing "110% Customer Satisfaction" to the W & WW Utilities in Montana and to always exceed their expectations.

Rory received a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with Major Concentrations in Biology, Ecology and Environmental Health and also earned an Associates of Science Degree in Water Quality Technology from Northern Montana College (MSU/Northern) in Havre, MT and graduated with High Department Distinction. He is a fully certified Water / Water Distribution and Wastewater Operator and has worked in the water and wastewater fields for over 26 years.

Rory was previously employed by HD Supply Waterworks for the past two years as their "Municipal Outside Sales Rep" for MT and 38 Utilities in NE Wyoming. Those that know him; know that he can usually sell a freezer to an Eskimo. Rory has always enjoyed sales; but it is not the same thing as providing training/technical assistance and the "One on One" contact with Utilities and Operators. Rory has missed this face to face interaction in helping communities with their needs and concerns. He believes that this new position as a MRWS Technical Assistance Provider will be a new challenge for him and will allow him to give back to all the Utilities and Systems in Montana.

Rory has always told everyone that he is environmentally conscious; now this position will allow him to represent all utilities and help them with issues that directly impact their water sources.

Rory has previous Sales History as well; He worked for a Manufacturers Rep Firm in Billings, MT for almost 10 years and then for an Analytical Laboratory for four years. He has a broad range of sales experience on a variety of product lines working with W/WW Utilities and private Companies from Montana to Texas.

Rory says he is very happy to return to the MT Rural Water Family and he cannot wait to meet up with all the Systems/Utilities and Operators across the State. Rory will be based out of Billings; but will support all Utilities the same across this Great State of Montana! He is very thankful for this new Career and looks forward to the Challenges that come with the position!

Wastewater Technician

Picture of Skogen
Roger Skogen
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Roger has over 25 years of experience working with water and wastewater and is certified class 3A, 4B, 3C, and 1C operator- in -training. He has experience in Lagoon operation and maintenance, U V systems, Net DMR, permit applications, sampling, and certification. Roger was involved in 2 major upgrades to the Wastewater Treatment and Collection Systems as well as installation of the U V Disinfection system. Roger served as a member of the Water and Wastewater Operators Advisory Council from December 2003 to November 2015; where he served as Council President from 2011 to 2015. Roger won the Wastewater Operator of the Year award from Montana Rural Water for 2013, and the Town of Valier won the 2007 Montana Water Environment Association Small system of the year award for "Outstanding Operation and Maintenance and Administration of a Wastewater Treatment System" with Roger as the lead Wastewater Operator.

Contact Roger for any questions you have related to Wastewater Rate Structure, CWA Regulations, and/or Sludge Regulations.

Source Water Protection Specialist

Picture of Erin
K. Erin Wall
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After earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Chemistry from the University of Georgia, Erin came to Montana as an Americorps member serving with the Gallatin Conservation District. After her term, she worked for the Forest Service conducting stream and riparian assessments in the Little Belt and Castle Mountains, and then Montana State University Extension- Water Quality where she administered the Well Educated program, developed sampling and analysis plans and monitoring protocols for conservation districts and watershed groups, and assisted in water quality monitoring efforts. Before coming to Montana Rural Water, she worked for a consulting firm conducting site assessments, groundwater monitoring, and writing monitoring reports.

Erin is excited to join Montana Rural Water to work with systems and communities to develop and implement source water protection plans. Contact Erin if you have any questions regarding Source Water Protection or if you are interested in developing a plan.

Water Circuit Rider

Picture of Bobbie
Bobbie Shular
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Bobbie began her career in water while serving in the United States Air Force as a BioEnvironmental Engineer. She was responsible for collecting the weekly water samples and performing e.coli testing on them. She also monitored the chlorine levels in the base pools and collected samples from test wells for chemical analysis. Upon receiving an honorable discharge she attended college at MSU Northern and received an Associates Degree in General science and Environmental Protection after completing the requirements for the water/waster water program. Bobbie has 16 years of experience in managing and operating a water and sewer district. She was involved with the successful procurement of funding for an improvement project that was completed in 2012. She oversaw the daily duties of operations and administration. She trained several employees over the years in the basic operation of the district. She was adept at identifying leaks and was instrumental in the district lowering their monthly water loss from a 30% range to less than 10%. Bobbie is committed to helping new operators become proficient in identifying and resolving problems encountered in the day to day operation of their district. Bobbie has always thought the water and waste water operators were the backbone of their communities and is passionate about helping new operators become certified, and helping communities maintain and improve their water and the infrastructure to deliver the water to every home on the system.

Feel free to contact Bobbie for any questions you have about your system.


Picture of Wendy
Wendy Weissman
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Wendy received her CPA certificate from Maryland in 1994 and has been licensed ever since. She transferred her license to Montana in 1997.

Wendy's career has taken many turns in the last 15 years. After college graduation from the University of Delaware, she worked for an insurance company in Baltimore, Maryland as their Comptroller. That lasted until 1997 when she moved to Great Falls, Montana. She took an interest in the non-profit world when she moved to Great Falls, and worked for the YWCA/Mercy Home as their comptroller and grant writer from 1998 to 2002. At that point, she started her own business as an independent CPA and currently has 2 employees working for her.

Her specialty has become small businesses and non-profits, having over 200 clients – mostly individuals, small businesses and non-profits. Wendy is very active in the Great Falls community and serves on many boards – mostly as Treasurer.

Wendy also specializes in Quickbooks and has become a Certified Quickbooks Advisor. That allows her to have a certification to train clients on Quickbooks. During her non-tax season, she teachs Quickbooks classes and has one-on-one sessions with clients to show them how to best utilize Quickbooks to meet their needs.

Wendy has been teaching at the University of Great Falls in the accounting department since 1997. She teachs one class per semester, which allows her time to teach and still practice as a CPA doing tax returns and helping small businesses. In 2009, she earned the Adjunct Faculty of the Year Award.

Wendy's second degree from the University of Delaware is in music – specifically clarinet. She plays in volunteer bands throughout Great Falls.